Fue Hair Transplantation

What is the FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is a cosmetic hair follicle transplant operation performed under local anesthesia for the permanent treatment of hair loss and baldness.

Hair loss can be due to many different causes and hair loss; You may have thinning, sunken hairlines, a gap between your temples, or complete baldness. While hair transplants have always been a hot topic for men, an increasing number of women are benefiting from hair loss and male pattern baldness.

FUE hair transplantation is the most effective and long-lasting method developed to combat hair loss, allowing us to achieve the best results in hair transplantation, whatever the reason.

Before FUE Hair Transplant

Partnering with the best FUE hair transplant clinic means half the success of a FUE hair transplant is guaranteed. FUE hair transplantation in patients with all aspects of anxiety and with all the details and expectations to best inform.

As MediaTürk Healthcare, in our opinion, the most important thing to do before a FUE hair transplant is to clearly understand the patient’s expectations regarding a hair transplant, in order to inform the patient to the extent that this expectation is achievable with the current donation area and to be open and honest about it.

At this time, the online consultation became prominent with the question of who can undergo FUE hair transplant.

After FUE Operation

FUE hair transplant is a 6 to 8 hour surgery. After local anesthesia, the patient went through the surgery in great comfort. But sitting for a long time will get tired.

First Wash

First wash by a nurse or hair transplant specialist 1 day after FUE hair transplant. The hair follicles are examined. And over the next year, a little more information will be provided on what the process will be like step-by-step after the FUE hair transplant. The patient is informed about wound management.

First 1-3 Months After FUE

After FUE hair transplant surgery, scabs are removed within 1-3 months and hair loss occurs. Shock alopecia is the gradual and eventual complete loss of the first hairs.

First 6 Months After FUE

After the impact is gone, the scalp heals completely and the hair follicles remain in their original position and begin to grow stronger. Instead of hair falling out, permanent hair begins to grow. During this phase, the hairs may be a little weak at first. Don’t worry, it will get stronger.

1 Year After FUE

You can see the last photo 1 year after FUE hair transplant. The result is a wonderfully refreshing sensation achieved while restoring lost hair.

Advantages of FUE Hair Tranplant

The advantages of commonly used FUE are:

Here are some of the key advantages of choosing the operation:

  • Virtually Undetectable Scarring: Unlike FUT, FUE does not involve stitches or linear scars, these scars are more likely to be obvious and difficult to conceal. Although some degree of scarring may be unavoidable with either harvesting technique, the prominence and appearance of these scars can vary considerably.
  • Latest technology: FUE hair transplantation is performed using automated equipment and systems that make the process faster and help achieve outstanding results.
  • Less Discomfort: The level of discomfort reported with FUE hair transplant surgery is significantly lower than with FUT procedures.
  • Faster Recovery: Because it is less invasive, the FUE procedure has minimal downtime.
  • Affordable Prices: Another advantage of FUE is that it offers more cost flexibility and better pricing. It allows your surgeon to extract more hair follicles in a single pass, and the cost of your procedure is directly based on the amount of hair graft needed to achieve the desired results.
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