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Practices in Nuclear Medicine

Applications for Neurological Diseases
In the diagnosis of some strokes
In the diagnosis of dementia
In detection of epileptic focus in patients with epilepsy scheduled for surgery
In the diagnosis of hydrocephalus

Applications for Lung Diseases
In the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, that is, clot in the lung
In determining postoperative lung reserve in patients scheduled for lung surgery

Applications for Orthopedic Diseases
To visualize hidden fractures
In bone infections
In imaging bone metastases

Applications for Heart Diseases
In the diagnosis of coronary artery diseases
In By-pass surgery / post-stent evaluation

Applications for Kidney Diseases
To visualize obstructions in the urinary tract
To investigate whether there is urine leakage to the kidneys
In the investigation of kidney infections
In kidney transplantations

Applications for Oncological Diseases
In Benign-malignant distinction
In the staging of tumors
In showing the biopsy site
In detecting tumor recurrence
In evaluating the response to chemotherapy
In the planning of radiotherapy

Other Applications
In Goiter patients
In various esophagus and stomach diseases
In gall bladder diseases
In acute intestinal bleeding
In suspicion of latent infection
In the examination of lymph tracts
In the examination of tear pathways
In the examination of salivary gland functions

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