Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology

It is the clinic where the patients are examined first. It is the clinic that diagnoses oral, dental and mucosal diseases, prepares the most appropriate treatment plan for healing of these tissues and refers patients to the branches where their treatment will be performed. However; prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosa diseases and the diseases that may occur in these tissues are carried out by attending physicians in this department.

In addition to conventional imaging methods, advanced imaging devices such as “Dental Volumetric Tomography” are used in our clinic. With this tomography device prepared specially  for head and neck region, the patient is exposed to less radiation and the targeted area can be seen in 3 dimensions.


Mouth cancers

It is possible to be able to detect pre-cancerous (potentially transforming into cancer) lesions early and to monitor existing lesions under control by examining the tissue sample taken from the relevant oral lesion.

Early diagnosis
The tissue sample taken without any pain and any need for local anesthesia is evaluated in five working days and the necessary treatment protocol is prepared for the patient’s follow-up.

Red and white spots that appear harmless should be tested with OralCDx® Brush Biopsy.

Tissue sample is collected with an OralCDx® brush. The brush is applied by turning over the tissue until a small bleeding is observed in the area.

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