Total Prosthesis

What is Total Prosthesis?

Total prosthesis treatment must be performed in case of total tooth loss.

Full denture restoration, also known as total denture, is a form of treatment that is applied to patients who have lost all of their teeth. In cases of poor appearance due to gum disease or generalized caries, the decayed tooth is extracted and replaced with a full denture to restore chewing/biting and speech function. Replacing missing teeth is vital to body health, chewing and speaking function.

A dental/jaw examination is performed by the dentist to determine if he can assist with the restoration. It is decided how to optimize the appearance. The degree of appearance of the anterior teeth is determined based on the structure of the face and mouth as well as the patient’s expectations.

How Denture Prostheses Are Applied

It is a type of restoration that can be used for all cases of tooth loss in the mouth. Teeth made of acrylic-based resin material that harmonize with your gums are placed in the mouth at the same level as the gums.

First, a detailed measurement of your mouth will be taken and our lab technicians will prepare your custom prosthesis based on these measurements. Your dentist at the Medicaturk Healthcare will give you detailed information about the maintenance of these prostheses.

Before Dental Prosthesis Operation

To eat or not to eat, that is the question. In many cases, you can eat before your dentist appointment, with certain conditions, of course.

You can eat before your dentist appointment if it is a routine check-up and cleaning. As long as you brush your teeth afterwards, you can continue with your daily eating plan. Brushing and flossing after eating helps remove food particles trapped between teeth, making the job of your local dentist easier.

Now that you know not to eat before certain dental appointments, the next question is how long you should avoid eating.

It is best to avoid eating for at least 5 hours before dental surgery or anesthesia. This gives your body enough time to process the food in your stomach and prevent complications related to anesthesia.

After Dental Prosthesis Operation

You should look at dentures the same way you see your natural teeth. Plaque formation can also be felt in dentures as well as natural teeth and can cause gum disease.

We recommend that patients wearing full dentures brush thoroughly when removing dentures. Before going to bed, shake well with denture cleaner and soak in water.

Remember to keep the inside of your mouth clean by gently brushing your gums and tongue.


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