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Video Capsule Colonoscopy (PC 2) In The Large Intestine At Yeditepe, For The First Time In Turkey

What is the video capsule colonoscopy application started to be used in the Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Internal Diseases for the first time in Turkey by Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Cengiz Pata?
Expressing that the results of the new generation video capsule colonoscopies are quite successful, Prof Pata says, “The capsules in question detect the diseased tissue by 90 percent”.

Today, as an alternative for the colonoscopy which is the most common method in detection of large bowel cancers which are the second most common in causing death, for the first time in Yeditepe University Hospital, Gastroenterology clinic video capsule colonoscopy began to be implemented in Turkey. Describing the video capsule endoscopy method, which was first used in small intestine diseases in 2000 and is now used in large intestinal diseases, Prof. Cengiz Pata summarizes the process as follows:
“In the video capsule endoscopy application, a capsule containing a camera is swallowed by the patient. Depending on the nature of the capsule swallowed, the small intestine or large intestines can be visualized. In the method, in which the patient is also given a belt bag and a recording device, he takes photos of the ingested capsule organ and sends thousands of photographs to the recording device that we physicians will examine. Later, the capsule is excreted in faeces.


Prof. Cengiz Pata stated that although video capsule endoscopy was preferred as the first option instead of endoscopic procedure in small intestine diseases, colon capsules were not trusted in recent years, and pointed out that the first-Generation large intestine video capsule colonoscopies are not preferred in clinical use due to technological inadequacies.
Prof. Dr. Pata says that the success rate has increased significantly in the new generation capsules:
“The results of the second-generation video capsule colonoscopies that were used in Yeditepe University Hospital in the first months of 2011 are quite successful. The capsules in question detect 90 percent of the diseased tissue. Innovations such as the ability to record like a sphere thanks to the wide-angle camera system on the front and back, the ability to simultaneously see the area where the capsule is located in the recording device, and the measurement of the size of the different tissue seen are the secrets underlying the success of these capsules. ”
Underlining that capsules are still not as successful as colonoscopy and above all, procedures such as biopsy and polyp removal cannot be performed with capsules. “However, it is not a dream that capsules, which can be applied easily and can be diagnosed at high rates, will replace colonoscopies for screening purposes over time,” says Pata.
“Our clinic, which has previously pioneered many practices in our country, has taken the lead in this regard, too. We can think that the colonoscopy procedure can only be used in very special cases with the development of capsules that can take biopsy and be controlled from the outside in the future. ”

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