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Beautiful voice is the one that is suitable for one’s own physical appearance and social status that can affect the other party when using it during communication. It is a necessity to have a voice that does not cause gender confusion, especially during phone calls.
Voice aesthetics includes the surgeries performed to achieve the voice that the person wants and needs. With these surgeries, the structure of the person’s vocal cord is changed.

Although these surgeries are most frequently applied to people with voices that are not suitable for gender, they can also be performed by professionals who want to achieve a better performance in their profession or those who want to eliminate the childishness in their voice.


Surgical techniques performed from the neck or inside the mouth can be applied.
In the operations performed on the neck, a small incision of 3-4 cm is created and the throat is reached. At the same time, when this area is opened, the protrusion on the front part of the larynx, which is called Adam’s apple, is corrected in people who change gender from male to female, and the person is provided with the appearance of a female neck.

Sound fineness and thickness are determined by measuring the frequency of the sound.
When the pitch is over 180 Hz, the voice is feminine.
The desired frequency is reached by changing the length, thickness and tension of the vocal cord. A feminine voice can be achieved by reducing the mass or increasing the tension of the vocal cord. The choice of surgery varies depending on the needs and anatomy of the person. Some patients may require more than one intervention.


Voice therapy can be performed in mutational falsetto disease, which causes the voice to remain high-pitched and thin after adolescence in men, and the patient can reach a deep voice without surgery. However, surgery is applied to those who are too persistent to be corrected with therapy.

In addition, voice enhancement surgery is performed on people who have a voice that is too thin to be compatible with their appearance and gender.

During the operation, when the patient’s voice is listened and the appropriate thickness is reached, the operation is terminated. During the surgery, the patient can hear how deep his voice has become. The patient can talk to his surgeon during the operation.

The patient is discharged on the same day and does not feel pain. Patient uses his/her new voice after a short-term voice rest. It takes a few months for the real sound to settle.

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