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Which Thyroid Nodule Can Be Treated Without Surgery?

Goiter is seen in one out of every 6 people in Turkey. Nodule is detected in one out of every 6 people with goiter. In other words, thyroid nodules are a very common problem in our country. General Surgery specialist Prof. Erhan Ayşan said that most of the thyroid nodules can be treated with the radiofrequency method without surgery.

Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Endocrine Surgeon Professor Erhan Ayşan emphasized that in small nodules that are found to be non-cancerous by biopsy, the patients should visit their physician for reassessment in 6-month periods, and said, “In case of large nodules, the radiofrequency technique is also very successful in shrinking the nodule and preventing it from growing again.”

The use of radiofranance therapy, which has been used for many years in many diseases, especially liver tumors, in thyroid nodules is a relatively new approach. Prof. Erhan Ayşan said, “A thin, delicate and controlled-release needle is needed in an organ such as the thyroid, which is small in size, and has many vessels and nerves around it.” said.

Nodule Deflation Using Heat Energy

Underlining that radiofrequency (RF) therapy has nothing to do with harmful radiation beams, Prof. Erhan Ayşan said: “No radiation is used in this treatment. The only type of energy used in radiofrequency (RF) therapy is heat energy. Thyroid nodules are swelling and lumps in the thyroid gland. If we consider the thyroid gland as a pillow, let’s consider the nodule as a small balloon squeezed into this pillow. In this case, Radiofrequency (RF) is the process of deflating this balloon. “

No Hospitalization Required

This procedure, which is applied under local or general anesthesia, is completed in about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the nodule. How is the radiofrequency (RF) treatment applied, Prof. Dr. Ayşan explained: “A needle radiating heat in a controlled way from its tip is inserted into the nodule and the system is activated. Controlled heat is given into the nodule from the active part at the tip of the needle. This heat burns the cells it comes into contact with and kills them. When sufficient burning is provided, the procedure is terminated by pulling the needle through the nodule. “

After the procedure that does not require hospitalization, it is sufficient to stay under the supervision of a physician for a few hours. The patient is discharged on the same day. About the points to be considered after the treatment, Prof. Ayşan gave the following information: “The patient may feel some swelling and pain in the anterior neck region during the first few days. However, this is a non-severe condition that can be prevented with pain relievers. The body cleans the dead cells over time and the diameter of the nodule gradually gets smaller. Ideal results are obtained within 3-6 months. The first check is done one week after the procedure. Then, the final result is obtained with the 3rd month and 6th month reassessments. During this period, patients can easily do their daily work. There is no need for any dietary restrictions. “

Effective in Toxic Goiter

Prof. Erhan Ayşan noted; “In the patient group with toxic goiter due to nodule, the nodule can be burned by applying Radiofrequency (RF). Thus, cells that cause toxic goiter and produce excessive hormones are destroyed. Excess hormone secretion of the thyroid gland is eliminated. “The patient gets rid of the disease without surgery or taking radioactive iodine,” However, radiofrequency (RF) therapy is not used in thyroid cancer except in very special cases. Yeditepe University Hospital Endocrine Surgery specialist Prof. Erhan Ayşan underlined that the scientific approach accepted today is surgical treatment for nodules that have been proven to be cancerous by biopsy or have high suspicion of cancer.

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