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What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease in which a cell loses its control, loses its reproductive control and reproduces continuously, forms masses where it is located, and then these masses migrate to other places, and disrupts the organ functions both in the place where it started and where it went. In fact, even if there is no carcinogen in the environment, the human body can make mistakes even if everything is going well. There are 1 quadrillion cells in the human body. Each cell reproduces 3 times a day on average. Just imagine how large a cell reproduces other similar cells.

Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Cancer is diagnosed under a microscope. Based on the patient’s complaints, we can guess that a person has cancer when we look at his x-rays. But we cannot say you have cancer just by looking at these. We have to take a piece of that suspect tissue under the microscope and name this cancer. It is no longer enough just to name cancer. That is, it is no longer enough to call it lung cancer, breast cancer, or brain cancer.

The Stages of Cancer

We definitely use radiological test methods in cancer staging. After diagnosing cancer, we try to determine how common the cancer is in the body with examinations such as tomography, position emission tomography, and magnetic resonance. While cancers limited to a local area can only be treated with surgery, surgery is not suitable for cancers that have spread. Oral or intravenous systemic treatments are effective for most of them. If a tumor has spread from one organ to another, we call it cancer stage 4.

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Is It Possible to Prevent Cancer?

How can cancer be prevented? I want to talk about this subject a little. We have just mentioned that even when there are no risk factors, we encounter cancer, albeit at a low rate, and even there are traces of cancer in 1 billion 700 million-year-old dinosaur fossils. However, we can reduce your cancer risk as much as possible by eliminating some carcinogens in the environment or risky situations in our behavior.

Are All Cancers Fatal?

Oncology is the branch with the highest treatment success among all internal branches. One-third of all cancer cases, even when they are common recover completely. One third has a very long life span, one third has a subgroup that we haven’t made much progress in for a very long time. There is one group that we really fail to treat. However, among all cancers, it is one-third of all cancers. If a person or a doctor is wrong that all cancers are fatal, the patient faces a two-thirds risk of death while they will be cured. Therefore, this is a very important issue. Because one-third of all cancers will be fully cured.

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