Our survival rates among organ transplant recipientsconsistently rank among the best in Turkey.

Organ Transplantation Center of Yeditepe University Hospitals

At Yeditepe University Hospital we have a proud record of success in carrying out heart, liver, kidney, cornea and bone marrow transplants, with an integrated approach to organ transplantation with the required high levels of complexity and experience that ensures outstanding success.

Yeditepe University Hospital’s accomplished team of surgeons can perform liver and kidney transplantations from living donor organs.

Our wait times are consistently some of the shortest, and our survival rates are among the best in Turkey

Organ Transplants

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Multi-disciplinary Approach

Based on Yeditepe University Hospital’s multidisciplinary approach, we offer pre-transplantation cardiovascular surgery and stentapplications.

Yeditepe University Hospital’s multidisciplinary liver transplant team consists of transplant surgeons, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists, coordinators and nurses who also assist in the advanced diagnosis and treatment of all liver diseases, liver cancers and hepatobiliary diseases.

Cardiovascular problems impact the outcome of intensive care treatment; our experience in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery is a further guarantee for our transplant patients.

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